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Connect for Success

How can our organization of “wellness participation specialists” create the best PULL toward physical activity for the most clients?
The common dynamic underlying many success stories is what is called “pull.” It’s the ability to draw out people and resources as needed to address opportunities and challenges. Pull can provide you unprecedented access to what you need, when you need it, even if you’re not quite sure that “it” is.  HCD was designed to harness the best expertise, experience and energy of each of our Member Consultants and do exactly that: draw out people and resources as needed to address client challenges toward their goals.
Working together we can rapidly improve all of our performance, not just for yourself, but for the people you connect with via our project development. Here are some strategies we build from:
1. Master the strength of weak ties. Social networks encompass both strong ties and weak ties. The strong ties—the deepest and richest relationships you have—provide the most day-to-day support. But it is the weak ties in your network—the relationships that seem peripheral in your daily life—that most often offer opportunities to connect with people who are active in the areas most relevant to your passion and profession. The structure of HCD helps all of us to get outside of our comfort zone. The design of our “as-needed expertise” teams we focus on and use social networks so strong as well as weak ties are engaged. HCD takes the initiative and reaches out to these people, communicatse the areas of overlapping interest, and harnesses the power and pull of connections.
2. HCD expands your personal ecosystem. Your local communities, extended networks of friends and associates, and, increasingly, virtual networks and communities can dramatically amplify your reach. It takes a great deal of time to shape these ecosystems to make them better able to help you develop professionally. HCD jump starts and strengthens that process by identifying the most accomplished people in your industry, market, or area of professional passion, regardless of where they live, work or their industry. HCD helps you mobilize them in a new initiatives and high-return projects. HCD uses everything from one on one contacts to social technologies to increase your mutual awareness of each other’s activities.
3. People are moving to “geographic spikes”—places that offer a wealth of options for ambitious and passionate leaders to develop their talent. They are also rich environments for increasing the probability of encountering the people and resources you need. Because HCD draws Member Consultants and resources from a wide geographic area, even globally, there is no need for you or your company to re-locate.  You’ll get the benefit of large coverage by the “organization” that results in opportunities to apply your skills in highly focused opportunities – located anywhere.
4. HCD is comprised of people who share your passion for wellness and increased physical activity participation. By joining HCD you are increasing the odds of a serendipitous encounter that will prove both relevant and valuable to you.
5. Join our creation space.  We’ll link ours to what already exists in your company. Such connection platforms exist for everyone in the HCD organization. Individuals come together in teams, not only to solve challenging problems for community clients, but also to connect across teams and push the boundaries of innovation. In the process, we can all learn rapidly through the creation of new knowledge.
Become as active as you can be in HCD. Together we’ll be the catalyst for new ecosystems of wellness – and emerge as collective leaders beyond what any of us can accomplish on our own.
The articles in this area are geared to be a valuable resource, not just for the work you will do as an HCD Member Consultant, but in your core business ventures.
Your blogs, your twitter, your Facebook pages, articles, newsletters and more can be of value to many in HCD who might not have discovered them via regular business endeavors.  Share what you think will be relevant, valued and important as we all strive to change the face of wellness and healthy community development together.

The power of our organization lies in the expertise, relationships, ideas, information and networks that connect us all – and lead us to the best client projects for our goals.  The articles in this area are geared to be a valuable resource, not just for the work you will do as an HCD Member Consultant, but in your core business ventures.

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