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Every Employee Exercises

When an employee wellness program is launched every effort has been made to insure that every employee will eagerly embrace the art of adding physical activity to their lives.  More than likely the consultant or program brought in to enhance wellness and physical activity for the least active and the inactive – along with the already fit – was selected after much research.  Hope is high – and so, often, is the cost.  We know the cost-savings, productivity enhancing, health motivating impact of a great employee wellness program.

So, why is it that so many great programs fail over time?  What has been missed?

  • A positive attitude for management along with an opportunity for employees to have a stake in the decision-making may yield the greatest dividends to both corporation and employee.
  • The motivation and resolve needed to change unhealthy lifestyle habits can best be derived from the basic tenets of encouragement, respect and support.
  • To understand why employees would choose to participate in a workplace program that would require them to oftentimes make significant changes to their lifestyles, we must first understand how incentives work.  Which do – and why?
  • Do we understand social networks, cultural habits and why people behave as they do?
  • Web-based program, on site, eco-exercise outside, one on one or group, before work or after work, include families – or not? What’s an employer to do?

These challenges form the basis for the Wellness Resource Network approach that HCD can deliver.  No matter how expert one consultant or program can be, an organization of wellness participation specialists can be more effective and economical in time, investment and outcomes over the long term.

How do we go from an initial assessment and analysis of what resources and success an employee wellness program has through a broad and custom proposal that fills the gaps?  Explore our processes here, then let’s discuss your questions. Our contact form is a simple first step.

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