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Plug and Play Physical Activity

Exergames – a word seeking a clear definition – continues to change the physical activity participation environment while its meaning stirs debate.  A group of leaders in the field of exergames with a passion for practical application and physical activity participation has developed the most powerful resource available.

You can find the comprehensive wiki developed by the collaboration of TEN: The Exergaming Network here.

If your interest and passion are in this area you’d benefit by contacting TEN.  For those of you already active in TEN, we invite you to inquire about how HCD can expand your reach and consulting opportunities.

Our HCD organization design of Member Consultants and Resources can expand the reach and impact of leaders in exergaming.  By connecting exergaming to various community clients we serve we can expand awareness and application of exergame benefits.  In addition, none of us can do everything required for long term and on-going engagement, administration and validation of physical activity participation alone.

HCD project teams enhance the unique expertise of each Member Consultant or Resource.  No matter what “community” the client represents, a full HCD team can provide a complete Wellness Resource Network. Each of us can provide what we do best – and gain empowerment along with long term results by our collaboration.

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