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What’s the other 80% doing today?

You’ve got group exercise, personal trainers, a great weight room, maybe even a sparkling pool.  Have you got the 80% of any community population that’s just not going to participate in the excellent options you offer?

The challenge for becoming a wellness destination begins at the front desk and travels through every experience at what was formerly the “fitness center” or gym experience.  Habits, time-crunch, age, conditions, social networks and past experience all align each time a member of the 80% of “least active and inactive” contemplate a trip to a fitness center.

From health insurance provider to health care providers, from employers to the community at large – the cost of inactivity is becoming too much to bear.

What can a fitness facility do to begin the culture change that will provide what the inactive in a community need:

  • Access
  • Options
  • Age and condition-specific programming
  • Engagement
  • Participation
  • Motivation
  • Validation
  • Social, emotional and physical needs met … and more

HCD doesn’t claim that we have THE solution.  Instead we take a unique approach.  We provide a careful analysis and assessment of what already is working for you.  What resources are successful?  What is moving you toward your membership, participation, revenue and retention goals?  What programs best make use of your staff?

Once we have listened, observed, assessed and developed a thorough analysis we contact those HCD Member Consultants and Resources able to best create a short and/or long term proposal that will move you closer to being the most effective wellness destination possible. Our Wellness Resource Network can perform for you.

Contact us today and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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