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Delivering Opportunity – Pulling for Success

How can our organization of “wellness participation specialists” create the best PULL toward physical activity participation for the most clients?

The common dynamic underlying many success stories is what is called “pull.”

  • It’s the ability to draw out people and resources as needed to address opportunities and challenges.
  • Pull can provide you unprecedented access to what you need, when you need it, even if you’re not quite sure that “it” is.
  • HCD was designed to harness the best expertise, experience and energy of each of our Member Consultants and do exactly that: draw out people and resources as needed to address client challenges toward their goals.
Working together we can rapidly improve all of our performance, not just for yourself and your company, but for the people you connect with via our project development.
Action Items:
  1. Send us your website URL
  2. Send us a link to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and online groups, blogs or e-news you create
  3. Be sure we get your press releases and other relevant broadcasts
  4. Let us know when you are on radio, television, YouTube
  5. Share your podcasts with us

Our organization can be a Wellness Resource Network for communities that might never discover your expertise on their own.  They might require the skills and expertise of a diverse team you might not have access to in your company-organization.  By sharing and connecting we increase the value for HCD members and our clients.

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