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ExerLearning: Schools as Wellness Communities

“I’m sorry, our budgets have been cut and we can’t afford to add that [fill in the blank if it relates to physical activity] right now.”

For anyone affiliated with the challenges in education these days knows that valuable PE programs have been cut, standardized test score improvement seems out of reach, students are more overweight than ever before and teachers struggle to engage the digitari students more interested in video games and iPhones than the conventional textbook/lecture process that keeps them in a chair for most of the day. Whew!  What can we do?

At HCD we know that great schools and great outcomes are being delivered in unconventional ways.  Take a look of a few leaders who’ve crossed our paths recently.  Some of these leaders will join the HCD team, others will continue to advise,  inspire and impact us in other ways.  Before we begin the list it’s important that we pay tribute to the most passionate leader in the field of physical activity and learning readiness.  With heart, soul and unsurpassed energy, Phil Lawler inspired us all.  He is missed, but his mission continues to change lives of young people and those who teach them. It is impossible to add a link that could tell his story adequately. To start:  Learning Readiness PE and PE4Life

Judy Shasek, founder of ExerLearning and the active “mouse,” FootPOWR

George Velarde : Sierra Vista head of Physical Education

Dan Lawler and Ken Reed: Exercise4Learning

Dr. John Ratey, author of SPARK

Paul Zientarsky, Naperville Central High

Heather Renz, Tom McCall Elementary

If your school or District would like a consultation that will provide strategic changes that will increase academic success, increase test scores, reduce absenteeism, reduce negative behaviors and engage your most at-risk student while saving time and money, please contact us now.

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