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What “C” would you add?

You can spend all day reading the great blogs people have discovered – and then shared via Twitter, Facebook or their own blogs.  Harnessing all of that great information into strategies and processes you can use right now to increase revenue and impact from your expertise can be daunting.

Has the light bulb gone on for you yet? You just can’t do it all and you can’t do it alone.  In the case of healthy community development, increasing physical activity participation and being a catalyst for wellness cultural change, that realization inspired HCD.  We’ve been inspired to look for “bright spots” as described by the Heath brothers in SWITCH, we’ve studied the work of James Fowler and Nicholas Christakis in CONNECTED and the ubiquitous CROWDSOURCING.  Our goal is to provide our Member Consultants a collective empowerment, reach and new client opportunities via the organization that is HCD.

You can read the blog that inspired this article. It’s by Clinton Bonner of Chaordix.

1. Co-Creation. Clinton describe this as “Allowing consumers to contribute in a number of ways to product and service enhancements.”  In the HCD world, co-creation forms the foundation of our “assess and analyze” start point for every client community.  The clients we work with are often leaders in their industry, yet ready to re-invent the way they serve their populations and demographics.  They might have come from “fitness” and hope to emerge as “wellness destinations.”  They might start with “treating illness and symptoms” and hope to become proactive purveyors of wellness and physical activity strategies that stop a health care cost spiral in its tracks. In our project process, every client is a co-creator.

2. Constant. Bonner began, “Multiple initiatives happening in parallel and offering the user a constant stream of new involvement opportunities.”  Here is the beauty of the HCD Wellness resource Network, of which each of you is an integral part.  We all have risen to the top of our expertise and reach “silo.”  We’re engaged, busy and successful.  Trying to stay on top of the constant stream of new opportunities is beyond any individual group.  That’s why we bring in Member Consultants and resources from seven distinct resource categories when we build a solution team for wellness community clients.  Involvement opportunities are organized so that each of you can build to the innovate and effective most productively – and profitably. Look over the categories.  When you provide your skill survey in your HCD Member application we take note of where you can support others – and in which Resource areas other can support you to best serve the HCD client.

3. Control. Bonner’s take, “Brands viewing open innovation strategies as not ‘giving up creative control’ but rather understanding what this really is – co-created market research that is more accurate – ultimately offering remarkable ways to help deliver happy, impassioned, and loyal consumers.”  Your blogs, your e-news, your Twitter and social marketing efforts can be all connected with the entire HCD organization. The HCD brand creates the process and connections to support each client’s own quest to gain loyal and active consumers of their great wellness brand.

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