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Projects, teams and results

Olympic relay runners practice the passing of the baton millions of times before they reach Olympic caliber. Yet, in the qualifying heats for the 2008 Beijing Olympics the hand-off between Darvis Patton and the anchorman, Tyson Gay, resulted in a dropped baton. A devastating hit to the palm and baton drop was unthinkable – they’d done it a million times. But here’s the key – they’d hardly practice it with each other – with their team mates.

At HCD we work with highly qualified and experienced experts from all
seven Wellness Resource Network components.  That’s not an easy process. You’ve all worked with teams outside your company before.  We tend to underestimate the amount of effort needed to coordinate with other people. This is true with people both on our HCD team and within the client organization.  We can all design great solutions and strategies, that’s why we have risen to the top of out niche.

Experts are great at specializing, and less skilled at coordinating.  The tough part is integrating it all for best results.  That’s the value-add of working with an organization like HCD.  We honor individual brilliance and home it into processes that allow diverse groups to work as a team.

No top-down solutions are part of the HCD process.  We provide our Member Consultants and those in the Resource delivery process with tools that allow them to work in coordinated effort on the same “big picture” puzzle.

Complex puzzles like “how do we increase physical activity participation so that wellness initiatives in a community are successful” are so broad they fuzz our brains.  Within HCD are steps of listening, analysis, assessment and a step-by-step exploration of what’s great and what’s a gap in the current client/community direction.  We find the gaps and hone them into a manageable number of avenues to address via the Wellness Resource Network.

Your company’s or your individual brilliant delivery in the field of physical activity participation and wellness is top-drawer.  But, just like an Olympic relay team with the fastest runners, the best doesn’t always win (or provide the best results for clients).  Coordination is the catalyst to the most successful teams.  At HCD we invest in the process and infrastructure to help us all with trust and a coordinated effort for best results.

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