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Action and Play: Body games

Author and blogger, Jonah Lehrer (HOW WE DECIDE and PROUST THE NEUROSCIENTIST) recently wrote a powerfully insightful article on what many call “active gaming” or “exergaming.”  He calls it “body games’ – but the outcome is similar.  The emotional engagement in game play is enhanced and augmented by real time movement.  Do yourself a favor and read his entry from June 29, 2010.

This short paragraph close to his concluding remarks tells only a small part of the story, “For decades, video game designers have been obsessed with visual realism, as if the eyeball was the key to our emotional brain. But accurate graphics have diminishing returns. At a certain point, we don’t need more pixels – we need more physicality. For the first time, video games are taking advantage of their specific medium, exploiting the features that other entertainments (such as movies and novels) are missing. No other form of culture, after all, depends on the verb “to play”. (We play video games – we don’t watch or read them.) But here’s the thing about playing: it’s much more captivating when the play itself is a physical act, when we play not just with the mind but with the body.”

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