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We May Be Seniors – But We’re Not Boring

Just did a cruise through a number of “fitness” and “exercise” programs for seniors.  The chair stretches and movement patterns to older, popular songs made me think of the “Wedding Singer” movie.  I got the feeling that for the most part, these programs make physical activity serious business.

Switch to the high energy vibe of HumanaGames for Health. A team of decked out and styling men and women are charging forward toward their activity session using a dance exergame.  This is a great example of imagining and creating new value for the dance game brand. At the same time it solidly connects seniors with the people they care about most – their children and grandchildren who live in a world of social networks and video games.

Brain games on their own do amazing things for cognition, memory and spatial skills.  Adding physical activity to that game time adds a new energy and many wellness factors into play for the senior audience.  Balance practice is not an obscure “fitness program factor” when you’re a senior anxious about a possible fall on a crooked sidewalk or flight of stairs.

You can tell people all day long through your well-researched messaging that “taking the stairs is healthier than taking the escalator.” But bring the idea to life through your marketing in a way that people want to (can’t help but) engage with, and you’ll change behavior, and change lives. Look at how funny and spicy Betty White chats with her peers. Trust and engagement in a life insurance message is an absolute must!

Betty is also a YouTUbe favorite for sharing other health messages.  YouTube and Facebook are often thought of as great marketing, teaching and social-network-sharing mediums for a younger population – but don’t miss out on the appeal to seniors.  While somewhat more isolated geographically and socially than working or school aged groups – seniors love to share with the click of a SEND button.

As always, actions speak louder than words. Get out the video camera and start sharing stories, testimonials and visuals of active seniors sharing a wellness lifestyle. Their relationship to their wellness choices is personal and powerful.  If you have “best” examples of active senior message already online, please share them with us via our Wiki or in a blog comment.

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