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Social Media ROI

Print a brochure? Go out and buy stamps and letterhead?  Roll out the Rollodex and start phone calls? Things have changed in the Facebook, Tweet and viral-media days. Social Media Marketing is  mainstream.   It’s the cheapest way to reach the most people fastest. But it’s not so easy to do it well. (Cool video link at the end of this post)
Even though there are many people who question the ROI of Social Media.  Social Media is like networking – time consuming, no IMMEDIATE ROI, but indispensable for business. In Social Media, you are there to build brand and relationships, not to convert immediate sales.
It’s not so easy to morph the processes in our own consulting business or in an organization to maximize the customer experience and leverage the strength and knowledge of an experienced social leader. The emergence, growth, and potential of social media has redefined how businesses interact and influence their target market. Our corporate structure must be changed to reflect the business environment change.
As independent consultants, we are responsible for the entire customer experience through the complete lifecycle from awareness to consideration to purchase to ongoing support. We hope that by being a part of the HCD organization of wellness participation specialists – each with our own expertise niche from among the 7 Network Components, that building this customer-experience perspective will be easier.
Together , using our shared expertise and working in the Social Media workspace in Centraldesktop, we will build successful business models and structures for social media for our community clients. If you have had success using social media for – marketing (branding, lead generation, PR and communication, product management/marketing), customer service, and operations we look forward to your files, discussions, comments and strategies. Together will will build “best practice” processes for the use of social media for healthy community development.
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