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Listening 4 Social Media Results

Doing social media well takes plenty of time and creative effort.  Before posting anything, the number one skill to hone is LISTENING.  Monitor the relevant social media in your field and in the realm of what your client communities are looking for when it comes to healthy community development.

  • Create – Content that customers actually want.
  • Engage – There is no substitute for direct participation with your clients in social communities.
  • Be open – Stop deciding what’s best for your customer and be open to letting them show you how they’d like to engage.
  • Be brave – Show leadership in your social participation.
  • Test – One effort cannot deliver a home run via social media.  Use business case examples and get your feet wet.
  • Make money – Your social media efforts are – in the end – about creating opportunities to connect and influence sales: indirectly and in some cases, directly.
  • Identify Your Strategy. This should have been placed at number one because it is the more important of everything you could be doing online. If you do not have a strategy in place to lead the charge into social media you will be at a lost when it becomes overwhelming. A strategy allows you to measure success points in your social media journey.

What does social media success look like to you?

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