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Social Media and Your $$$

We tell our potential clients what the 7 Resource Network components are.  That  is great infrastructure for developing the sort of conversations that can resonate in your social media networks.  That said, the most compelling and valuable social network conversations leap immediately to engaging with the intended audience.  Getting it right can expand our ability to do what we do best, provide value to our client communities – and increase our earning power.

How do we avoid a long term blunder in using social media?

Social media is a new sort of “conversational marketing.”   Marketing is about many things including connecting audiences with products they want to buy.

Marketing on the social web is less about the tradition of packaging and distributing information and more about companies being able to connect with customers in ways that are both meaningful to those customers and to the goals of the business. While it’s fun to brag about, getting a viral hit on YouTube (think the Old Spice campaign) does not define success on the social web.

  • Creating trust,
  • connections with a relevant community and
  • ultimately an increase in business goals like revenue is what really matters.
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