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Social Networking = Being Active?

Physical activity engagement? It’s an uphill battle for about 80% of our population.  Successful engagement starts with access – getting people where they already work and play.
Where do they play and socialize?  Social networking is where – and the numbers are greater than the  hours spent per day on e-mail.
That’s the message from the latest Nielsen research — which shows that Americans devote six hours a month, or almost a quarter of the time they spend on the Internet via their personal computer — on social networking sites and blogs. That’s up from 16 percent a year ago.
Driving this trend is Facebook, which recently celebrated reaching half a billion users worldwide.
For the first time, games beat out e-mail as the No. 2 online time-killer, accounting for 10 percent of time spent. Nielsen found that half of all Americans online spend time playing games like online-gaming Zynga’s explosively popular FarmVille.
It’s not that people are not e-mailing or using instant messaging. They are engaged in those activities on services such as Facebook. And they are still heavily involved in those activities while online. E-mail was the third-most popular activity at 8 percent, and instant messaging came in fifth at 4 percent. It remained dominant on mobile devices, up to 42 percent from 37 percent. Time at the computer (and for the most part – sitting in a chair) continues to grow.
We are working hard to connect physical activity participation and the logging of that activity to real world and virtual, meaningful reward.  HCD invites conversations from leaders in the fields of:
  • Physical activity data collection (devices)
  • Data collection, aggregation and storage
  • Virtual goods payment options
  • Employee wellness motivation programs
  • Insurers – wellness strategies for insured
  • Social games and online virtual goods/awards providers

We hope to connect products, services and creative thinkers in a solution model that can not only generate solid revenue, but also significant increases in physical activity linked to our collective love of social networks and games.

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