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How We Deliver the HCD Wellness Resource Network Value

1. We know and articulate our goals and our game plan: “Fitness” is not sure where it is going as it attempts to meet the needs of the least active and marginally active.  For “the fit” a wide array of paths will do. Together we are always developing solutions for our client communities that include all 7 of the Resource Network components. Our goals are defined: Physical activity participation is the first step to prevention.  HCD’s gol is to increase physical activity participation for the long term among the least active across age bands and conditions. We have clear direction about how to spend our time. Through the use of HCD’s CentralDesktop workspaces we develop projects according to our proven process.  We create milestone’s, goals and tasks all focused on delivering the best Wellness Resource Network for community clients.
2. Schedule everything: Time has a way of leaking. We schedule  short discretionary sessions online or via conference  calls as needed and stick to it. We help our Consultant Members work focused and work smart on HCD projects
3. Learn the power of saying no: This flows from our first point. When we have clear goals and a plan for getting there it is easy to see which work related “opportunities” simply don’t fit those goals. This makes it so much easier to rule out a half day seminar that sounds great but isn’t consistent with your current direction, for example.Some communities may not be ready to embrace the move from fitness to wellness.  We learn together through careful assessment and analysis before committing to a client which projects will best serve the target populations.
 4. Focus on the top of your priority list: The old saying is, “make the main thing the main thing.” That never hurts. While a consultant or entrepreneur must wear at least a few hats, know which one is most important and which are secondary. Wear that primary hat 80% of the time, whether it is the product development hat, the network building hat or the sales hat. We encourage your careful assessment of your skills and expertise relative to the 7 Resource Network components.  Programming, prescription, delivery, destinations, engagement, validation and administration require 3-4 experts in most cases.  We can’t deliver the best wellness solutions without

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