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Blog and they will come – NOT!

We all want to develop relationships with our target audience.  It is not about traffic or website views –   social media is REALLY all about relationships.  The best strategy, just like dating, hang out where the people you would like meet would hang out.
If you stay home (i.e. blog in your own little realm and area of expertise) it will be hard to meet new people, especially those you really want to meet.  To build a relationship with the best audience, go where they are hanging out as opposed to expecting them to come over to your place.
Find the existing communities where they are already participating.  Simply search blogs, portal, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to find the existing groups. Join these communities. Start by listening to the discussions there. Then join the conversations focusing on providing information that delivers to the communities’ needs (not yours). If you are self-promoting it will be crystal clear.
Look at this blog (Pasta Queen) active for YEARS! http://pastaqueen.com/blog/
Web MD – pick your most relevant category http://www.webmd.com/default.htm
A cozy walking-wellness chat blog http://mhunter1122.blogspot.com/
A fitness conversation that could a wellness injection (from you) http://drmirkin.blogspot.com/
Continue to position yourself as a subject matter expert. Over the course of time, you will build relationships. Then you can invite them to your community (Facebook fan page) or to follow you (Twitter). But do this slowly and be sincere about the relationships you look to build. DO NOT SELL!!!
Take Away Concept: Mitch Joel (one of my favorite social media thought leaders out there) suggests, “spend(ing) ten times as much time adding value to the five or ten existing communities where (your) potential members might be hanging out, reading and connecting” in his article “The One Thing About Building A Community.” If you do nothing else, read this!
This is the integrated approach I suggested in the beginning. You will have your community where your existing customers will come (Twitter and Facebook – and others). Your community is an opportunity for you to build loyal followers and advocates. Your community will also attract people who might be considering using the organization and services of our HCD brand.
But if you proactively want to rally your target audience, build relationships to new potential customers and over time turn them into your audience, go to their existing communities and play there.  Add value!
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