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Double – or triple – the value

One of our newest HCD Charter Consultant Members recently commented on how cool it was to go visit a potential client and suddenly not be alone.   “I’ll be able to propose a great solution and now  have the entire HCD Wellness Network with me,” she exclaimed.

Verizon has long used the power of the network in “people terms” as part of a popular advertising campaign. For us at HCD it’s fantastic to hear our consultants realize the benefits that being part of the network can afford them – as well as the clients they serve.

Rather than needing to deliver programming, prescription, delivery systems, creating destinations for the program delivery, designing strategies for engaging participants in the activities, validating the participation and  long-term administration processes – each consultant is part of a fully customized network for each client community.

While the process of creating wellness participation that delivers with double or triple the value, the HCD network makes the job easier and more effective for all.

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