Stand Up 4 Wellness

Did you know that people burn 33% more calories by standing instead of sitting.  With so much attention being given the cost of employee healthcare and incentive-exercise programs to keep employees active the question begs, “Why is the desk chair the default site for phone calls, meetings and hour-after-hour work?”

Everyone doesn’t need a stand-up desk or lectern on which to occasionally prop a laptop – but a few here and there around the office could inspire a culture of “standing awareness.”

“If sitting is to blame [for a culture of sedentary choices], standing is going to be the solution,” says Dr. James Levine, champion of the treadmill desk, which he has tirelessly promoted for the past several years.

A stand-up desk gets you up off your butt, which is benefit enough on its own, but many other benefits of a stand-up desk have been noted:

  • Prevent and/or reduce back pain. Estimates of the extra strain on your intervertebral joints due to sitting range as high as 50%.
  • Improve concentration. Standing increases alertness.
  • Create a sense of engagement. Standing is more active than sitting.
  • Improve posture. It’s much more difficult to slouch when you are standing.
  • Burn calories. You use more energy (as much as 50 more calories per hour) standing than you do sitting.

If employee wellness is under your radar there’s lots to think about here.  No piecemeal solutions will bring on the best case scenario change for a workplace wellness program.  At HCD we work with what you have in place and where the gaps are through a careful process of assessment and analysis. Once  our Wellness Resource Network is deployed you can be certain that your objectives for long term impact will be met.  Employee wellness and productivity go hand in hand – and so do economic benefits far beyond healthcare savings.

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