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Social Activism – Or Active Via Social?

It’s BendFilm fest in Bend this week, yet in the midst of all that indie film goodness I had to include a trip to see “The Social Network.”  All week we’ve been hammered with Facebook chatter, it seemed only appropriate to cap things off by addressing the creation myth that’s been stirring the pot.

Honestly, I had tempered my expectations going in (97% on Rotten Tomatoes is a lot of hype to live up to) and was relieved to find it slightly ridiculous but genuinely entertaining. Aside from weak link Justin Timberlake, (sorry – but never a fav) I loved how the young cast handled the rapid-fire Sorkin screenplay with Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg especially standing out as a believable, be it despicable, anti-hero.

Most compelling from the HCD “how do we create an environment of wellness when we need it”  perspective was watching Zuckerberg’s dorm room invention transform into an actual business accurately capturing, if not spelling out, the value of replicating the college experience online. Think about this “replicating the college experience online.”

When are we the most social? It’s when we have tons of connections, a shared experience, time, energy and easy ways to interact and participate.  When we can connect wellness leaders who can deliver an online/off line, real and virtual experience that replicates a time when we really enjoyed being active – well who knows! It might become a movie. It might become a wellness movement – quite literally.

We all don’t have to go out and try to create this awesome-ness alone. Instead, as fitness gives way to the necessity of wellness participation, it becomes a priority to join an organization that already aligns with your sensibilities and can offer a sense of fulfillment and co-partnership in that way. The HCD Wellness Resource Network formed organically from this start point.

Together we can look to the long-term horizon, channeling our expertise and  passion into network collaborations. We all don’t need to be experts in social networking or social media.   Every week we discover  another social media or “gamification” company eager to add to the “Engagement” part of the HCD Network.  It’s fun, and it will make a critical difference for the population and communities we serve.

Want to get a fresh insight on one part of the healthy community development puzzle – funding a community wellness initiative? With the help of crowdfunding site Kickstarter there is a way to completely shift gears.  What we can accomplish together might not resemble the mythical or even the real Facebook story (phew for that!), but these are the ways a new generation of wellness participation specialists can live the dream.

We welcome your comments and questions.  If you blog on this topic please share a link.


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