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Who Pays – We All Want to Use OPM (Other People’s Money)

The first hurdle any wellness program seems to face is “how do we pay for it?” Even when the value of a physical activity participation network is obvious and desired for a community, the “wellness sponsor” or payer has to be identified.  As more and more companies begin to recognize that “doing well” and “doing good” go hand in hand, social media can be a powerful, cost-effective tool.

Beyond just making money, the purveyors of social media and networking applications typically come to the table with a defined business problem they are trying to solve. In the case of Foursquare, it was getting people to check into a mobile social network (without which they have no business).  From grants to scholarships to community projects, we can all take a lesson from the social media playbook if money (especially other people’s money) is required.

Corporations are using Facebook because it is where their customers, clients or members are. They want people to engage with their brand – and that’s where the people are.  If a corporation would like to give a grant, say to a school, for a wellness program, how could they use their “doing good” to enhance their brand and customer perception?

Here’s an example: In the education world Kohl’s uses Facebook to connect with and determine potential grant award winners.  To celebrate their 10th Anniversary of Kohl’s Cares, its philanthropic program, Kohl’s will award $10 million total – 20 awards of $500,000 – to schools whose students, staff, faculty or supporters share what their school would do with the prize.  Dream big – there’s a $500,000 purse! The idea is submitted and the grass roots voting begins.  The top 20 vote getting schools will win the $500,000 each.

Talk about engaging more people with your brand, Kohls couldn’t buy that much awareness and goodwill.  The downside – control is given to the consumers. The best project according to some parameter may not win.  That’s easily solved by a chance to vote only on finalists, like in the Pepsi Refresh Everything campaign.

If this sort of social media connection to funding and funding for good sounds intriguing to you, contact us for more details on how we can help.

We have many more concepts – and the experts to deliver them to your community – so you can find the way to increase physical activity participation while making a positive impact on the greater community.

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