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Lace on your walking shoes and call me in the morning

A prescription for a solid 30 minutes of condition-specific exercise could reduce the galloping increases in diabetes over the next few decades. The challenge is determining what to prescribe.

Diabetes Prevention Program conducted by the National Institutes of Health, recently reported that lifestyle changes such as a healthier diet and increased exercise could reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by as much as 58% in those most vulnerable to the condition.  Now that such lifestyle changes are a proven solution the challenge still remains and is three-fold:

  • What does the physician prescribe 
  • What can insurers trust to be an effective course of action
  • What can the diabetic trust to be appropriate and adoptable for the long-term?

Simply advising the patient to “get more exercise” or walk more, join a gym or dance class has never penetrated the mainstream life of the patient on a collision course with the quality of life deterioration that Type 2 Diabetes can deliver.  If the patient with, or at risk for, diabetes were inclined to be physically active and had an active support group of friends and family such advice would be adequate.  But that is not the case. Now especially with the PHIT Act 2010 in effect every participant in the “exercise is medicine” process needs support.

At HCD we are eager to work with the Diabetes Prevention Program on their quest to make a difference and make it soon with physical activity participation at the cornerstone.  Our Wellness Resource Network of Consultants and Resources can fill the gaps for any community, here’s how.

In simplest terms:

  • We assess and analyze what is needed in the community for the population (age band and condition)
  • We determine which among our organization experts can deliver that. Unlike many “programs” we only start with the program – proven to be effective for the target population
  • We connect trained staff, trained for age, condition and program, to delivery of the program
  • We work with the community to insure that the program and staff are available for access and options in destinations throughout the community
  • Once the participant is enrolled the critical components of engagement and validation begin. Without those components physicians and insurers cannot be confident with prescribing physical activity
  • Administration of the entire experience is of high importance to the destination site.  The Wellness Resource Network can deliver the change we need to reduce  the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by as much as 58% in those most vulnerable to the condition.  But no one entity, not even the NIH can deliver what is needed alone.

It takes an organization of diversely skilled leaders in every aspect of the Network to deliver the total package that can deliver results. 

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