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Self-reporting Exercise: Can a device be more engaging?

The fit come streaming into the local fitness center, gym or sports area armed with motivation, goals and all the social support they need.  Just the same they are usually the early adopters of gadgets, mobile and online tools.  Daily Mile, Nike +, RunKeeper, Body Bug, Fit Bit, Polar Monitors, iDance – and every new mobile phone app that comes down the pike the fitness seeker wants it.

The increasing availability of inexpensive technologies that enable the monitoring of activity could help those wishing to inspire the least active and inactive toward a habit of regular physical activity. The recent release of new technologies are becoming quite mainstream. The role a “fitness” destination could have as it moves toward being a “wellness destination” might be aligned with this surge of cool devices.

In a Wellness Resource Network no single component can stand alone and expect to inspire lifestyle change – not even the cutest gadget can do that. A true wellness destination will get the strategy that can make all the difference:

  1. Invite conversations with healthcare providers and insurers so they can be aware of how an activity tracking device or social network software can encourage true validation of physical activity.
  2. Have workshops on site and off site (go where the least active gather for fun, friends and food) where people can try out devices and view online communities in action
  3. Validation of physical activity isn’t so much fun when logged in a calendar or written on a log – sharing accomplishments, goals reached and challenges completed is a lot more fun when you can share (mobile apps and online communities) and see tracking and trends (gadgets and devices)
  4. Trained staff and great programming is a start point for wellness destinations – be sure you include engagement and validation in the mix.  That’s the way to build confidence in what you deliver to healthcare providers and insurers.
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