Exercise vs Obesity

I subscribe to a relatively large number of blogs, newsletters and funding reports relative to health, wellness and physical activity.  As a person that actually loves being active, it’s almost enough to make me want to quit moving when the practice is tied to such a grim agenda.  From Sesame Street and its new broccoli character to city-wide initiatives to add walk ways and bike ways – the focus is on “beat obesity.”

That is an absolutely critical end-point in today’s health-world.  The question remains.  Must our agenda shackle the joy of physical activity, active play and self-propelled movement to ridding our collective selves of fat?

Over the past few years I have had the good fortune to be a part of Games for Health.  I’ve spent time appreciating the great work of the folks at Playnormous. I’ve played the HP Challenge from Humana with friends in TEN.  Companies like FootGaming and Positive Gaming build active options based on FUN!  While building momentum toward the reduction of overweight and obesity is a cornerstone to all of those endeavors, the call to physical activity participation starts with something that is a well-designed game that delivers action-inspired fun.

We are always looking for more physical activity participation solutions that integrate pure joy of active, sweaty, playful energy expenditure into daily life.  When we allow people to put on some music, join with friends or move around outside in nature – and then reflect on that for no other reason than the experience – we will begin to build a culture that is more active.

Comments, ideas, links to programs that offer activity without the bleak “beat obesity” focus are what we’re after. Please send us what hits the target for engaging active programs.

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