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Daily – The key to practice and habit

Take a walk, play some Wii, or grab the stairs instead of the elevator now and then.  All of these choices can begin to define a regular habit of adding more physical activity.  For a full 80% of the population, maybe more, those intermittent choices do not create a habit of adequate regular physical activity.

The Rotary Club, along with those groups both secular and religious that expect weekly participation, have dialed in a recipe for creating a practice of participation that leads to a habit.  The habit is supported by positive behavior expectations, a sense of community, value and social networking.  Long before Twitter-times social networking has been a powerful influence on our habits and our regular practices.

Enter Type 2 Diabetes – both for those living with it and for those at risk.  Where’s our club? Where’s our regular meeting ground for practice, personal value, community good and social networking?

In the next months we will build the answer to that very relevant question as the programs around D-FENS, “Daily Flexibility, Endurance, Nutrition and Strength” evolve.

Whatever your interest or need in the realm of wellness related to the dilemma that is diabetes prevention and management, welcome!

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