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It’s great to be able to feature two of our newest Consultants, Dan Lawler and Ken Reed from Exercise4Learning. Dan Lawler, Ph.D. and Ken Reed, Ed.D. have created an Exercise4Learning program that is based on the latest neuroscience research that strongly supports the link between exercise and cognition. They offer a wide-variety of strategies and tactics to enrich the health and wellness of students, improve academic performance and classroom behavior, and decrease disciplinary incidents.

I first met Dan Lawler, a pioneer in the burgeoning field of movement-based learning, when he was principal at Tavelli Elementary in Ft Collins, CO.  He spent seven years changing the school’s culture by developing  a center of “academics, character and wellness” including a first-of-its-kind exercise 4 learning center that improved students’ academic performance and behavior. Dan’s experience in creating momentum, enthusiasm and commitment to exercise and learning was obvious at Tavelli.  Teachers, students and families were changed by the experience and we are grateful to have his passion and expertise as part of the HCD Consulting team.

Ken Reed, Ed.D., is one of the nation’s leading experts on quality fitness-based physical education programs and the positive impact of physical activity on the body and brain. His work focuses on applying the growing body of neuroscience research linking physical activity, fitness levels and brain functioning (including academic performance and behavior modification) in school settings.

Ken discovered his passion for the connection between physical activity and learning through a consulting opportunity with PE4Life. There he met the founder, Phil Lawler.  For all of us in the field of adding physical activity to learning, Phil is a hero whose recent passing saddens us all.  Ken has completed a biography of Phil Lawler and we look forward to reading it as it will surely inspire us to do more.

Reed served as director of the Center for the Advancement of Physical Education and is the author of PE4life’s “Blueprint for Change,” an overview of the benefits of physical education as well as an action plan for getting our children moving. He currently serves on the United States Sports Academy’s distance faculty and has been active in various capacities with the Denver Health and Wellness Commission.

Pioneers and experts in school wellness initiatives and movement-based learning interventions, Lawler & Reed Education Consulting Group delivers proven Exercise4Learning recommendations designed to improve student academic performance, behavior and wellness. The result is a boost in key success indicators for your school or school district.  As part of a Wellness Resource Network team, Lawler and Reed can connect school communities to the greater community – to the workplace and more.  Their diverse set of skills and experience are exactly what schools struggling with academic success, absenteeism, behavior challenges, student productivity and such need for dramatic improvement.


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