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Passion Drives Results: Programs in Canada

Since 2005, LifeSports has helped  organizations who have committed to or are considering a Health and Wellness initiative, and are seeking support through programming expertise and visual aids to roll it out.
You will want to get to know founders, Janet Omstead and Kym Grippo – the passion and energy behind a powerful wellness resource company.

Programming expertise is needed in many different segments of the population. As childhood obesity rates continue to climb all the way through the aging process, the pressure to increase activity levels becomes greater.
That’s where LifeSports comes in – at a brisk and bouncy pace. Created in 2005 by Certified Fitness Professionals Kym Grippo and Janet Omstead, LifeSports originally began by offering programs focused on in-school fitness programs aimed at students. With fun music, novel fitness equipment and a high-energy act, Grippo and Omstead ran students through their paces of their custom-designed circuits. The results were overwhelming.

LifeSports continues to bring their program to schools but wanted to make more of an impact and are now offering PD Day workshops. “We want to share the know-how between our expertise and theirs,” says Omstead.

The influence on activity doesn’t end with schools.   In response to that demand, LifeSports has expanded to encompass a broader market including corporate, 50 plus and retirement residences.  With the addition of new staff members in business development and broadcasting, LifeSports is able to offer a variety of services to a greater cross section of clients.One of the first businesses to approach LifeSports outside of the education market, was a health and wellness company looking for programming ideas to pare with a brand new fitness device they were taking to market.

 “It was a unique opportunity to blend our expertise from the personal training and television production aspect,” says Grippo. “The concepts were extremely well received.  We realized that multiple avenues exist for our special skill set.”

More recently, the LifeSports team was involved in providing content for App development with one of our corporate sponsors. As social media continues to evolve, LifeSports recognizes the value of assisting their clients in getting their messages out through multiple platforms.

  1. January 31, 2011 at 7:33 am

    LifeSports lead by Janet and Kym really doesn’t stand still for even a moment. Here is an update on their projects:
    The trajectory of LifeSports Inc. has grown from the education market (in schools and staff PD Day workshops), to 50 plus and retirement residences and nursing homes.

    We recently worked alongside Intelliware as the content provider of an new APP that was in development for New Balance Toronto and we met a national tv show here in Toronto called “The New Marilyn Denis” show last Friday. They liked the segment ideas provided and we should hear back today as to whether or not LifeSports Inc. will have a roll on the show. Since we both have tv backgrounds (10 years each – with National networks) we are able to offer the unique blend of tv expertise and fitness know-how, not a combo that a lot of trainers have.

    LifeSports is also working with corporate clients. One is The Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Toronto (BBBST) that have two programs for at risk youth that needed a physical activity overhaul. The BBBST loved the suggestions that LifeSports offered and their budgets are opening up to move forward with that in the next couple of months. The other was most recently a Toronto company that asked to us design four 30 minute sessions to help boost productivity and to keep the work juices flowing. Since there are no showers…no one wanted to sweat too much…so we suggested four very different sessions as a sampling to see what they might lean towards and to keep things fresh.

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