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Let Physicians Know You Deliver WELLNESS

Fitness destinations and the professionals working within them are recognizing that there is a huge need to create an inviting wellness activity delivery system for the least active and inactive in any community.  Marketing and membership development efforts often result in talking to the existing 20% of the “fitness seekers” already aware of what you can provide.  The following survey can help you design a “get acquainted” conversation with the healthcare providers in your community.

With the ever-growing awareness among professionals that “exercise is medicine” healthcare providers need to be confident when they suggest programs for their patients.

You can customize these for your own use:

  1. Let physicians know that trained staff is always on duty for wellness seekers of diverse ages and conditions to ask questions and assure safety.
  2. Explain the training that has created a culture that is  friendly and knowledgeable among the staff.
  3. Reinforce the genuine interest in serving this population
  4. Be sure there is an orientation, and it is customized to diverse age/condition/disease state sets of circumstances.
  5. Explain how the physician or the destination can measure key numbers, like body fat and fitness levels, to set a scientific baseline so participants really know if they are making progress.
  6. Inform healthcare providers and participants of degreed and nationally certified staff on site.
  7. Explain how you welcome “newbies.”  Explain what a visitor tour might be like for that population.
  8. Describe the orientation process for the wellness seeker.
  9. Once a person has made that life-changing decision to join the ranks of the physically active, they need the support around them to help develop and sustain the habit. HCD can help you set up a tested and relevant incentive programs to help motivate individuals to come in and exercise.

    Please send us your questions or comments. We can work with you to increase enrollment and engagement among this challenging population set. You will be doing a valuable service to healthcare providers in your community when you let them know exactly what programs are safe and effective for their patients.

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