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Fun and Virtual: Recipe for Wellness

We are pleased to offer the thoughts and comments of Buzz Gardner of  VCycling – Virtual Reality Indoor Racing:

The very beginning of Health & Wellness….. Exercise!

As we all know, obesity leads to many other health ailments; in adults as well as children. We also know that EXERCISE is the common CURE, along with a healthy diet. Is “cure” too strong a word to use. As I read and study, I am more convinced each day that “cure” is the proper word to use, especially as I interact with people who are getting into it! Their whole demeanor changes when they are exercising on a regular basis.

Many of our aches and pains are psychosomatic and STRESS is a big factor in these aches and pains and many illnesses. We also know that elevating the heart rate into an aerobic zone for an extended period of time can help eliminate STRESS, our mental state is improved and we begin to feel better about ourselves. We could go on and on about the benefits of EXERCISE but most people know this! The professionals are even saying Alzheimer’s can be deterred with consistent exercise.

We just need to make it FUN, and if possible, find a way to place our minds somewhere other than in that gym; on that treadmill or elliptical or bike! The Virtual Reality world continues to expand and become less expensive, HALLELUJAH! It is also becoming more FUN! With the ability to COMPETE with ourselves and others, live and over the internet, children and adults of all ages love it. The competition adds to the excitement and helps us forget about how hard we are working! The VR world also allows us to compete without the potential embarrassment of others knowing when we don’t do so well; it is or can be completely private!


Do people like to compete? Children and adults of all ages love to compete; just watch a little 1 or 2 year old compete for a toy that they want to play with. Just watch a senior citizen on the highway refuse to give an inch to the motorist who is trying to merge onto the highway. Of course, some competition is not so good, we can do without the road rage! Competing seems to come naturally!

The Virtual Reality world is now available to almost every type of cardio experience. We simply need to channel it to the proper groups and give them the opportunity to participate, at home and at the JCC, YMCA, Senior Center and schools from K thru college.



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