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Social Media – Gotta Measure

Most wellness destinations and program developers spend a great deal of time and energy designing a “social media” presence. It’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and blogs – lots of creativity and time is required.

We don’t just want to measure how many fans or followers we have, but what we are doing with them. It doesn’t matter if your company Facebook page has 2,000 “likes” or “fans”, if none of them are commenting, liking, posting or sharing with you. They could have hidden the page from their stream or just tuned out. By measuring you’ll know what has become – or could become – of all your efforts!

All you need is Excel and some of the backend data readily available as admins on your various social media accounts. Set up the spreadsheet with the far left column as the account platforms. Starting from top to bottom you’ll list them all – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Digg, Vimeo, LinkedIn, etc. You can even include the company blog if you have access to that.

Then, across the top row you’ll plug in your measurement categories. These should include some or all of these, or at least a close variation:
Audience (This is fans, followers, subscribers, readers, etc. depending on the platform)
Activity (This is what YOU’VE done – posts, comments, uploads, etc. during the given measurement timeframe)
Engagement (Here’s where we start getting some real information – user comments, likes, linkbacks, shares, conversations or DMs on Twitter, mentions, RTs, etc.)
Web Traffic (Available from your site tracking system – think Google Analytics – How many visitors to your Website came from each platform?)
Lead Generation (What the bosses care about. Connect with your sales team or incoming call coordinator to start tracking where customers come from. DON’T accept “internet” – ask them to be more specific as to which page, if possible.)

Armed with information, you can now make decisions as to which platforms works best for your company, what areas might need improvement or where they may be an opportunity.

We have a passion for reaching the most of our target populations because we believe in the quality product or service we provide. Don’t let your efforts be “almost good enough.”  With some careful measurement your energy and focus can deliver the best rewards. Who knew that Twitter Wellness could be a route to making the best of what you do.

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