Exercise is Medicine Month: May

Each year, May is recognized as Exercise is Medicine Month; (EIM)  a time to celebrate the wonderful benefits of physical activity and start healthy habits that will keep you moving throughout the year.  Everyone is encouraged to be active themselves and to share the message with their family, friends, patients and colleagues. We at HCD are solidly behind this viral sharing of the benefits and prevention outcomes gained by regular physical activity.

Beginning in 2009, cities and states joined the movement as mayors and governors proclaimed May as Exercise is Medicine Month in their city or state.  Last year, over 35 cities and states made proclamations, as well as several college and universities and one military base.  This year, the EIM goal is to have at least one proclamation from every state – and they need your help!  Exercise is Medicine is asking you, whatever your role as someone who values and recognized the value of wellness participation, to reach out to your mayor, governor or organizational leader and ask for a proclamation.

We’ll be doing exactly that in our communities.  Every community will benefit from active populations and a cadre of healthcare providers aware of destinations providing top-quality physical activity programming for diverse age bands and conditions.  Visit the EIM website for valuable resources and support for your local conversation.

  1. xrgamer1
    April 14, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    Yeah! Great theme for May (besides my birth month. 😉 BTW, I just ran into Dr. Robert Sallis here at the ACSM Summit in Anaheim and we greeted each other. He’s the creator of the EIM program!

    So what programs or events will you be promoting in May to promote PA? I’ll have to think what we’ll be doing.

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