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Thanks to a recent news release by Ashley Crockett-Lohr (alohr@acsm.org) and
Dan Henkel (dhenkel@acsm.org) we are now aware that May 2011 is,
In an e-mailed press release I tried to find online, but couldn't,
the reporters had an important message.  
Instead of summarizing, I would like to produce the entire
press release here. If any readers do locate the link to the original
release I will be happy to post it.
This is a particularly important topic for HCD.  We are working
closely with ACSM and EIM to develop a Physical Activity
Intervention Program "menu of options" that meet a certain review
and approval from the ACSM. Often, healthcare providers need to
more about which PAIPs are best for their patients. 
"Public encouraged to get active, health care professionals asked
to prescribe exercise"
INDIANAPOLIS – The fourth annual Exercise is Medicine® Month kicks off on
Sunday, celebrating the health benefits of exercise and offering resources
to get people moving.
“Everyone should start or renew an exercise program now as an investment in
life-long health,” said Robert E. Sallis, M.D., FACSM, chair of
Exercise is Medicine.
“Every person, regardless of age or health, is responsible
for his or her own physical activity. There are far more reasons to
exercise than excuses not to.”
Exercise Lowers Health Care Costs
Research shows that exercise helps treat and prevent more
than 40 chronic diseases,
such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity and hypertension.
“While there are numerous reasons for soaring health care costs, one undeniable
explanation is the poor physical health of so many Americans,” said Sallis.
“Exercise is something every person can do to control the rising costs of
health care and improve quality of life.”
Health Care Provider Involvement is Key
Most health care providers don’t realize the effect they have in motivating patients.
Nearly 65 percent of patients say  they would be more interested in exercising if advised
by their doctor and given additional resources.
“Health care providers, including physicians, should assess physical activity at every
appointment, write exercise prescriptions and be prepared to refer
patients to fitness professionals,”
said Sallis. “Every doctor should be an exercise advocate.”
A Two-Way Street
Starting a physical activity program can be as simple as taking a
brisk walk each day andgradually building up frequency and duration.
Patients are encouraged to talk to their health care provider
for an exercise prescription if additional advice and guidance are needed.
Easy-to-Use Tools Available
Most people already know exercise is important. Many are overwhelmed by where
and how to start, particularly those new to exercise, those
who have an existing health condition and the elderly. Simple, easy-to-use
exercise tips, tools and videos are available online to help them get started
and stay motivated.
Partners Spread the Exercise Message
Exercise is Medicine partners include the American College of Nurse Practitioners,
the American Academy of Physical Medicine and
Rehabilitation, the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine and
organizations and universities from all parts of the world.
Governors and mayors nationwide have already signed on to
proclaim May 2011 as Exercise is Medicine Month in their communities.
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