Senior Wellness

Health care providers, insurers, AARP, active senior living centers, fitness clubs and seniors themselves are struggling with the issue of adding physical activity participation to the culture of aging adults.  Well-being, energy, increased productivity and abilities are just one aspect of the senior wellness equation.  Healthcare costs have gotten so high that seniors are taking note and seeking ways to be proactive and delay the onset of debilitating conditions.   Social isolation and the need for a sense of group and belonging drive some physical activity participation decisions.

HCD looks forward to working with communities that serve seniors.  Our Wellness Resource Network can provide a collaboration and assimilation of resources that are difficult to gather without the infrastructure HCD provides. We have gathered member Consultants with decades of experience in providing programs for age and condition-specific programming.  It’s not enough to provide great programming.  Access, engagement, motivation, validation, and administration of these programs in the only route to long term success and ROI.

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Health Via Games

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Video games and active seniors

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