The 7: Wellness Resource Network

We often work to solve wellness challenges in silos. We’re highly qualified in our discipline and areas of expertise, but how can one person or company team deliver every aspect of a project solution? We have found that for long term success in a physical activity participation program supporting wellness, there are seven core components needed. These are the seven core components of a typical HCD Wellness Resource Network:

1. Population Programming Content

2. Physical Activity Prescriptions

3. Programming Delivery Systems

4. Community Wellness Destinations

5. Participation Engagement Strategies

6. Objective Participation Validation

7. Participation Transaction Administration

Click on each core component key word above to see an expanded description and learn more about the expertise and specialties included in each of the network components.

Do you believe your ability to participate in healthy community development projects would be better served by being a member of an organization with a vast wealth of knowledge from a diverse background of disciplines?

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