Designing Resource Networks

If you spend any time on the web, reading the news, paying attention to wellness articles and research findings, following experts on Facebook or Twitter, you know that there is no lack of energy and expertise in the “wellness” sector.  Program managers, program designers, wellness coaches and employee wellness providers, researchers, the government and health insurers are laser-focused on making a change in the wellness of the 80% of the population most at risk for debilitating disease. The age bands they are most concerned for are youth and seniors.

These populations are most  at risk because of genetic, environmental, social and lifestyle influences – with one particular predictor widely accepted for that risk. Lack of participation in regular physical activity is a risk factor that sets off a domino effect of many other risk factors: overweight, cardiac issues, various conditions and more. Physical activity as the frist step tp prevention is no longer a theory – but is a widely accepted strategy as the first step toward wellness.

HCD does not have the answer to these challenges any more than any other group. What HCD does have is a unique organization that facilitates a process for designing community wellness programs that lead to healthier populations in many types of communities.  HCD is an organization of industry leaders specializing in wellness participation.

Wellness participation only begins with enrollment into a program. To get the 80% least active or inactive to actually participate and sustain that participation and entire Wellness Resource Network is necessary. That’s why HCD integrates expertise (already existing in the community and/or from our organization’s Member Consultants) in the
 7 Network Components:

  • Prescription
  • Programming
  • Delivery
  • Destination
  • Engagement
  • Validation
  • Administration
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